Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case there are any question that haven’t been fully answered or if you just need a quick refresher on something, we have compiled a list of the most common questions we receive. This list is updated often, so if you don’t see an answer to your question here, just let us know and we will be happy to add it.


No, not off hand. We want to display the depth and breadth of art, craft, and design being made by the Church. Original works from modern, contemporary, and traditional makers including metalworking, animation, painting, sculpture, design, experimental works and more are equally considered.

If you are able to capture quality images for print publication, we want to highlight your work!

A: No. While many featured artists do have some form of academic training, there is absolutely no educational requirement for being published in New Christian Makers. Because of our “blind” jurying process, the juror will not know your background.

The only exception to these entry requirements is our annual high school senior competition. All artists for these competitions must be high school seniors.

A: No. You may enter the competition regardless of whether or not you have representation.

A: The regular deadline entry fee is $50. If we extend the deadline, there is an additional late fee of $10. Deadline extensions are not guaranteed, so makers are strongly recommended to apply by the regularly posted deadline.

A: No. Winners of our competition earn free placement in New Christian Makers and are not obligated to pay anything else. 

Anyone, regardless of being chosen or not, is able to purchase as many copies of New Christian Makers as they please.

A: We are happy to receive entries that are your newest work, but we also understand that isn’t the way making always works. While your work doesn’t have to be new, it does need to have been completed in the last five years to be eligible for entry. 


A: All applicants must submit a completed application form on our site for the specific exhibition in which they wish to be included. As a part of the application, we require five high-quality images of your work for review, your contact information, and the application fee.

If you are accepted, you will be notified with a request for a short bio and an artist statement. Our designers may reach out to you, as well, to make sure they have the highest quality images possible for publication.

A: Please have five jpegs of your work ready for submission. Each of these images must be at least 300 pixels but no more than 1200 pixels along its longest dimension. You will also need a credit card to pay the application fee. 

A: No. We ask for smaller images for our jurors to review so the process proceeds more smoothly. Once a maker is selected by our jurors, he or she will be contacted for larger images. 

A: No, the juror only receives your images and their captions. If you are chosen for inclusion in New Christian Makers, you will be contacted for any additional information we may need. 

A: Yes. You may submit detail images of your work; however, detail images still count as one of your five images.

A: Singular means that we accept unique works only. We do not accept multiple editioned prints or works of that kind; there must be variation for it to be a valid submission, even if marginal. We require all included works to be viewed as singular and distinctive digital submissions.

A: Makers/Artists can submit their work for any and all of the editions they like. We have no limit to the number of competitions you may enter, but you can only enter each competition once. Each competition is distinct and will require a new application. Applications do not carry over from one competition to the next.

A: You may submit one entry edition; however, artists featured in New Christian Makers may not appear in back-to-back editions.

A: No. New Christian Makers serves Christians who make culture. While the Maker Institute of Studio Art + Theology and Maker Press hold to doctrinal and theological distinctiveness, New Christian Makers is specifically ecumenical to the wide range of Christian, Protestant, and Catholic denominations.

Jurors and Selection

A: Yes. If you are chosen to appear in New Christian Makers, you will work with our editors to ensure that we have the highest quality image available before going to press.

A: Do not worry! We work diligently to respond to all inquiries and work with each individual who may need help submitting to the competition. You will receive the care you need throughout the process and past the deadline. If you have emailed us before the deadline, we will ensure your submission gets through, even if we can only help once the deadline has passed. So, if you’re having trouble, send an email through, and please be patient as we respond to a large volume of inquiries per edition.

A: No. We use a “blind” jurying process, meaning that the only materials presented to the juror are images, media, and dimensions of your work, accompanied by the reference number you are assigned. The juror will not know your name, gender, age, level of education, or any other personal information. This helps ensure that all applications are considered equally.

A: The jurors are given strict instructions to consider all of the work that has been submitted, regardless of any personal preferences that they may have. There is no specific style that is prioritized or sought out during our judging process. 

After submitting your application

A: Once you have completed and submitted your application, you will receive an email notification confirming your submission.

A: Yes! If you have an email notification from us confirming receipt of your submission, then your entry has been received. Our emails for applications go out to our entire list, so you will potentially continue to receive reminders to submit after you have submitted. Please don’t be concerned if you’re still receiving our competition emails; we just want to make sure everyone gets reminded about the opportunity to submit their work.

A: Results are usually announced within six to eight weeks of the online deadline. All artists (selected and otherwise) will be notified by email.

A: Sometimes spam filters work a little too well. Many email servers reject emails like ours because they identify them as an “outside source” and incorrectly place us into your spam, promotions, or social folders. Feel free to add our domain to the acceptable addresses for your account so that you never miss future announcements.

A: We can help with that and will have the images you submitted on file.

A: No. We fund the magazine through application fees, subscriptions, and newsstand sales. We do not make any money from the sale of your artwork; that is 100% yours. 

A: The results of being featured in New Christian Makers differ for every artist, but most report a significant amount of contact as a direct result of publication. For some Makers, publishing results in sales; for others, it results in new gallery representation or the inclusion of work in an exhibition. As our readership grows, the possibilities for artists increase exponentially.

If your question isn’t answered, please email at ” “, and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

A: Not at all; your work is always yours. By agreeing to show your work in New Christian Makers, you are agreeing to let us use your work in the pages of our publication and as part of potential future advertising of New Christian Makers. If your work is ever used by us, it will be in context of our publication and will always be accompanied by information identifying you as the artist and creator of the work.