An in-print Juried exhibition of Art, Craft, and Design

A Juried Publication for Christian makers

Established in January 2024, Maker Press is the Maker Institute of Studio Art + Theology’s publishing arm. As a vehicle for facilitating connections between Christian artists, designers, makers, galleries, and art enthusiasts, Maker Press launched New Christian Makers to celebrate Christians working in various creative fields. We champion painters, illustrators, woodworkers, craftspeople, sculptors, designers, furniture makers, metalsmiths, photographers, and new media makers and more who have faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. As makers within the larger community of the Church, we believe it is essential to know and be known by one another continuously. 

New Christian Makers is an in-print juried exhibition featuring the best in contemporary Christian making. We work closely with curators to select artists whose work will be seen by a wider audience within each publication. Each issue is packed with 30 quality makers chosen by a highly selective jury of artists and curators. New Christian Makers is designed by a team of Christian designers whose desire is to create a high-level printed gallery experience for a world

aching to see the skill, creativity, and love behind Christian making. The makers chosen by our jurors for each printed exhibition receive a wide-range of exposure to other artists, gallerists, and collectors. And anyone interested in contemporary makers is given an invaluable resource for discovering new work from emerging and known talent.

New Christian Makers is not limited by individual style and we are not interested in capitulating art-world trends or favored modalities. We seek to accurately capture, within each juried volume, the very best of what God’s people are up to. As makers within the larger community of the Church, we believe it is essential to know and be known by one another continuously. The world needs to know and connect with the Christ-following creative makers to help generate future possibilities for everyone.


We sponsor multiple juried competitions and special editions each year. The thirty winners of each competition receive four full-color pages in New Christian Makers to showcase their work, artist statement, and a brief biography. All competition winners each year will be eligible for inclusion in the annual best-in-show volume. The winners chosen for this issue will be given ten full-color pages. Each maker’s work will be shown alongside a critical review of their work, a visual visit to their studio, and a discussion about their faith. 

In addition to our annual competitions, New Christian Makers publishes several special issues each year. Our young makers issue is dedicated to emerging high school seniors who are Christian and aspire to have their work seen by a broader audience. We also publish an annual directory called Know and Be Known where makers can submit a brief bio and website or social media links for others to discover their work. We want to constantly build a community of believers who can connect to and inspire one another.


Our competitions are open to all artists and makers who consider themselves Christian anywhere around the globe. We broadly define the activity of making, and all styles and media are welcome as long as the work is singular. There are no educational requirements to apply to our juried competitions. Only the high school competition is restricted by age. Makers can apply for any or all of the seasons; each competition requires a new entry. 

Why Apply?

Inclusion in New Christian Makers provides meaningful exposure, professional advancement, and resume bolstering. Additionally, our printed publication is a wonderful item to share with others interested in what you do, including prospective galleries, collectors, and clients. We seek the advancement of Christ’s Church and Christians and patrons alike need to see what Christian makers are doing. The world and the Church cannot support what they have not seen. If we don’t bring light to what God is doing in and through makers, how can we help shape a better world?